Hi there, I’m Stew. I just grad­u­ated from UC Santa Cruz with a Comp Sci degree in Game Design. I have a bil­lion inter­ests, mostly revolv­ing around cod­ing. I love where the inter­sec­tion of art, tech­nol­ogy, and music leads. I’m a burner. I’m usu­ally bumpin tunes.

I’m look­ing for a pro­gram­ming job in San Fran­cisco. I’m pas­sion­ate about games and pos­i­tive tech solu­tions. I’m hard­work­ing and love learn­ing. Here’s my resume.

Check out my port­fo­lio tab for some of my projects.

Here I am vis­it­ing Thailand:

9 Caascading Falls near Chiang Mai

9 Cas­cad­ing Falls near Chi­ang Mai

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