The Ballad of Futerelf


Plat­form: PC

Engine: Game Maker


The Bal­lad of Futerelf is a music dodg­ing game cre­ated in con­junc­tion with Vin­cent Colavin. In fact, it’s my first game ever made! The pro­gram­ming and design was done by me. Vin­cent helped with lit­tle bits… but really I made most of this game. It was a blast mak­ing a game in GameMaker and it was great to be able to eas­ily con­vert it into 3D just days before it was due and it didn’t suf­fer from bugs. This project was a great intro into game design and it was one of the rea­sons I fell in love with game design.


Here’s a link to the .gmk GameMaker file. Load it up on GameMaker to test out the game (.exe com­ing soon).

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