Gimme dat snake

I’ve been try­ing to branch out from java recently. I’m try­ing ever so hard not to force myself into a cubi­cle job 10 years from now typ­ing java code for a liv­ing. Since I love garbage col­lec­tion I thought I’d give the mad pop­u­lar python script­ing lan­guage a try. For the longest time I had the impres­sion that script­ing lan­guages were far less pow­er­ful than a full on lan­guage such as C or java. Of course I proved myself wrong…

Python is great. So far I’m lovin’ it. I know I’ve only tapped the sur­face of python… I’ve still got to try out its classes, gui abil­i­ties, and the thou­sands of mod­ules, par­tic­u­larly pygame. So as my first project I cre­ate a very sim­ple and rough ter­mi­nal jour­nal pro­gram that incor­po­rates file i/o, dic­tio­nar­ies, and input. Cod­ing this project fell like I was cod­ing with Java. Maybe my cod­ing style is extremely adapted to java or some­thing, I’m not sure. I’d need some­one to look at my python code and tell me if I’m writ­ing it cor­rectly like a python pro­gram­mer. I’ve heard that python is known for the phrase “there is one one way to code it,” or some­thing along those lines. View here on github.

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