Hunter Predator Prey Screen

Hunter Predator Prey

Hunter Predator Prey Screen

Plat­form: PC

Engine: XNA 4.0 & my own

Descrip­tion & con­tri­bu­tions:

Hunter Preda­tor Prey is a savanna sim­u­la­tion and AI exper­i­ment cre­ated for CMPS 146 Game AI at UCSC. I cre­ated a hier­ar­chi­cal state machine, steer­ing behav­iors, and  the AI for deer and a lion that hunts deer and the player. Though unpol­ished, this game was very suc­cess­ful in my opin­ion. The player gets to hunt along side a lion who both have a tongue for deer. But when the lion gets hun­gry enough, we sure likes to eat the player! Please try out the game, it’s small and will only take a moment of your time.

Down­load (PC only)

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