Gimme dat snake

I’ve been try­ing to branch out from java recently. I’m try­ing ever so hard not to force myself into a cubi­cle job 10 years from now typ­ing java code for a liv­ing. Since I love garbage col­lec­tion I thought I’d give the mad pop­u­lar python script­ing lan­guage a try. For the longest time I had the impres­sion that script­ing lan­guages were far less pow­er­ful than a full on lan­guage such as C or java. Of course I proved myself wrong…

Python is great. So far I’m lovin’ it. I know I’ve only tapped the sur­face of python… I’ve still got to try out its classes, gui abil­i­ties, and the thou­sands of mod­ules, par­tic­u­larly pygame. So as my first project I cre­ate a very sim­ple and rough ter­mi­nal jour­nal pro­gram that incor­po­rates file i/o, dic­tio­nar­ies, and input. Cod­ing this project fell like I was cod­ing with Java. Maybe my cod­ing style is extremely adapted to java or some­thing, I’m not sure. I’d need some­one to look at my python code and tell me if I’m writ­ing it cor­rectly like a python pro­gram­mer. I’ve heard that python is known for the phrase “there is one one way to code it,” or some­thing along those lines. View here on github.


I’ve been work­ing on some pro­cess­ing projects and I’ve uploaded them over @ Open­Pro­cess­ing.

  • Par­ti­cle Play This is a totally fun par­ti­cle physics sim­u­la­tion. I had fun play­ing with this more than mak­ing it.
  • Game of Life clone — This was a quick project I whipped up today. So sim­ple and intrigu­ing. I had my all my friends fid­dling around with it at dinner.

Also, check out Has­Can­vas. A cool site that uses processing.js to con­vert native pro­cess­ing code into can­vas and html5 work­able code that can be dis­played through mod­ern browsers. This is my favorite. It’s sim­ply beautiful.

New Matrix Java Program

So this quar­ter at UCSC I’m tak­ing a cou­ple math classes but, unfor­tu­nately, I’m not tak­ing any com­puter classes. That’s a bit of a bum­mer because I’ve recently real­ized I’m in LOVE with pro­gram­ming. I love the fact I’m cre­at­ing some­thing from scratch that is work­ing, inter­ac­tive, and returns work­able out­put. For me that’s a big deal, I love cre­ative tan­gi­ble things like art, crafts, and cook­ing (espe­cially bak­ing bagels!) I’d call myself new to pro­gram­ming still, but I’m get­ting the hang of it quickly and lov­ing where it’s tak­ing me.
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The Exbeerience

See­ing as I am in col­lege and rather curi­ous and adven­tur­ous, I decided to brew some beer with my buddy John. He’s a beer snob. And, he’s only 20! John gets grumpy when we bring around 30 packs of watery beer– espe­cially when we fill the fridge and leave no room for his yogurts. For­tu­nately, he’s really into beer, so besides the fancy bottle-type beer he’s always got in hand, we thought we’d take on the chal­lenge of home a’ brewin’ and drink some of our own beer! With a lit­tle help (a lot, actu­ally) from my dad­dio, we got a whole setup going start­ing a week and a half ago. Here’s the beiary, err the deer­ary, errrrrrr beer diary, fine. This is what hap­pened. Con­tinue Read­ing


CL was such a rad place to live for 9 months. Jay and I really hate the color white so with a lot of help from our friends, we painted our white walls with more col­ors than a rain­bow! Here’s a lit­tle some­thing some­thing.

I made this by photo merg­ing over 60 pho­tos of my room into one panorama, then I used Cubic­Converter to cre­ate the pan­ning effect. If you ignore the black holes on the ceil­ing and floor, I thought it turned out pretty coolio.

If you’re inter­ested in the orig­i­nal panorama image, check it out:

We feel no hate.