ParaTerra Mech Concept Art by Stewart Bracken


Plat­form: PC

Engine: XNA 4.0


Last quar­ter I worked with a group of three other guys to cre­ate a pretty sweet PC game called ParaTerra. We cre­ated the game with XNA 4 and Visual Stu­dio for win­dows only (yuck!). We all had no idea what we were doing and we had to cram the game devel­op­ment into 10 weeks, how­ever we are very sat­is­fied with the end product.

ParaTerra Mech Concept Art by Stewart Bracken
More in depth infor­ma­tion can be found at the devel­op­ment blog or you can watch a quick trailer and a longer game­play video.

Luck­ily one team mem­ber was a pro at Blender, so all of our beau­ti­ful art assets are 3D mod­elled and con­verted into sprite sheet for our 2D game.

Down­load the game here (PC only)

Or you can grab the source anonomously with svn with the command:

svn checkout

You will need Visual stu­dio or some­thing sim­i­lar along with XNA 4.0 to build this game your­self. Some­day I’ll make an executable.


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