Fives Times Better Binary Chop

I just accepted my new life pas­sion to be a mas­ter pro­gram­mer. Sud­denly… I feel… full of knowl­edge! Wait, I mean, full of MOTIVATION! That’s the one. Here I am, full of want-to-be-master-programmer, but there’s still this gap between me and that goal. I know how to pro­gram. I know all the fun­da­men­tal com­puter sci­ence the­o­ries, algo­rithms, and data struc­tures. I can object-orient any­thing, even your face. I even love cod­ing in C++! The next step, I sup­pose is to get more expe­ri­ence. So I did Code Kata #2. That’s the one where you recre­ate a binary chop algo­rithm 5 times. Sim­ple right? Here are my attempts:

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