Stop & Listen

Stop & Listen title small

Plat­form: PC only, sorry!

Engine: Game Maker 8


This year I par­tic­i­pated in the 2013 Global Game Jam. Myself, along with thou­sands of other design­ers across the world, spent 48 sleep-deprived hours work­ing on a game themed around the sound of a heart­beat. My friend Vin­cent and I cre­ated a spooky Pac Man type game in which you must find your way out of a maze guided only by a heart­beat in the dis­tance. Or maybe that heart­beat is your own? It’s not cer­tain; what you do know is you really don’t want that ultra scary tri­an­gle catch­ing up with you.

Vince and I wanted to exper­i­ment with cre­at­ing a spooky game that jux­ta­posed sim­ple geo­met­ric greyscale graph­ics with well refined sound design. We are extremely stoked on the result!! It’s a very sus­pense­ful game. We even got run­ner up for a sound design award (though every­one I know says we should have won that category).


Here’s a link to the .exe game. Remem­ber to wear stereo head­phones with the left & right speak­ers on correct!!

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