The Exbeerience

See­ing as I am in col­lege and rather curi­ous and adven­tur­ous, I decided to brew some beer with my buddy John. He’s a beer snob. And, he’s only 20! John gets grumpy when we bring around 30 packs of watery beer– espe­cially when we fill the fridge and leave no room for his yogurts. For­tu­nately, he’s really into beer, so besides the fancy bottle-type beer he’s always got in hand, we thought we’d take on the chal­lenge of home a’ brewin’ and drink some of our own beer! With a lit­tle help (a lot, actu­ally) from my dad­dio, we got a whole setup going start­ing a week and a half ago. Here’s the beiary, err the deer­ary, errrrrrr beer diary, fine. This is what happened.


This is the first day, Octo­ber 14th when we boiled the brew and added these hoppy flower guys that added butt loads of fla­vor to our beer!

the grills

The sad stove is sad about his burnt malt mustache. :¬{|


These are the guns that pow­ered our brew. We used Mag­num hop pel­lets and some other whole flow­ers, I for­get the name of the flowers.


After boil­ing, it looked syrupy and not very deli­cious! What a silly thing to boil a bunch of flow­ers and oats and let it sit for weeks.

delicious warm flat beer

But it sure does look pretty.

flow patters

Check out these intri­cate flow patterns!

After 5 days or some­thing, the brew was done bub­bling. We added the sec­ond half of the hop flow­ers, then sealed it for another week. It bub­bled and heated up after the first and sec­ond seal. Buuubbblies.

It’s almost like the tea I made this morn­ing. Except a lot more gross!

We trans­ferred the brew into the sec­ond ale pale on my birth­day so give it time to set­tle out dat gook.

Dat gook.

Dat John guy, stuck under the beer.

Today is Octo­ber 24th, we are bot­tling today and it was fun. We cleaned those bot­tled sooo well.

And we filled them and capped them all by our­selves. We’re the youngest brew­ers in the WORLD!

Here’s the first. We are awfully proud.

But we can’t drink them for another week, at least :(. We must give my favorite eukary­ote time to fart out some car­bon diox­ide. Yeast is the best!

That’s all folks. I’ll save you all a bot­tle of ‘The Exbeerience’.

2 thoughts on “The Exbeerience

  1. Of course, you must have been jok­ing when express­ing dis­may for not being able to drink your prod­uct right away. After all, you are only 20 and drink­ing beer under age 21 is ille­gal. What a kind soul to go to this effort for your age 21 and over friends and fam­ily. We will enjoy your creation.

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