Twilio + Corona

I made a Lua class for Corona SDK which han­dles Twilio HTTP requests. With it you can build a cross plat­form app for man­ag­ing your Twilio account, send­ing mes­sages, mak­ing calls, or any of  GET/POST  request that twilio rest api can han­dle.Unfor­tu­nately you can­not do actual VoIP with my code. For that you’d have to cre­ate a native Android or iOS app. I was dis­ap­pointed about this. My orig­i­nal inten­tion was to make a voice visu­al­izer in which voice would be sent to the app and turn into some kind of gen­er­a­tive art. But that because I just read Gen­er­a­tive Art by Matt Pear­son and love that stuff. Com­pletely use­less, I know :D. Any­way, Twilio ought to hire me now, right?

Here’s the GitHub for the exam­ple Corona app which uses my Twilio class.

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