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This year in coin history:

A Data-centric History of U.S. Coins

By Stewart Bracken

This is a visualization of prices for over 230,000 US coins scraped from eBay listings. This visualization is intended to naturally tell a story about the mintage timeline of US coins: to inform you on what the most rare and sought out coins are, and to visually narrate a history of our great nation's wealth creation.

Large cent (penny), nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, and dollar coins each have a timeline of bar graphs per year whose height represent the average price of that coin category.


There are four slider you can use to manipulate and view the data:Most importantly, clicking on a bar will bring up detailed information of a year. You'll find a distribution of the coin types being sold this year if you click on a coin name.

The red dashed line represents the year the timeline camera is focused on.

The grey dashed lines represent special annotated points of interest. Click a bar on these years!

A note on the data

You will probably find inconsistencies in the data. The biggest problem I ran was I had no easy way to know how many coins an eBay listing was selling. I spent many days trying to get my data correct by reading in title's of eBay listings and hoping I could find how many coins the seller was offering. It is not perfect. Additionally sometimes a year will list coins not from that particular year. This is due to my code and eBay having imperfect categorizations. Ignoring these small inconsistencies, generally the data is fine. But please keep this in mind while browsing this visualization.

Created by Stewart Bracken for CMPS179.
Created with eBay, three.js, jquery, and jquery ui
This site is not affiliated with eBay.